QUADRA – your partner for ISO implementation!

Quadra Consulting Netherlands BV has implemented a broad range of ISO Management Systems for over 20 years. Every possible combination of a variety of international standards has been combined into Integrated Management Systems by Quadra over the years.

ISO certification is applicable for small, medium and large organisations across all business sectors. Whether set on paper or not, every business has its own processes and procedures. ISO provides a tool to put a structure around these ways of working. You decide to what extent this needs to be done. An ISO standard is only there to provide a framework whereas you decide how to use it.

Just a few benefits of applying ISO standards are:

1. Improved customer satisfaction
2. Involving personnel leads to an even better work environment
3. Guidance to cope with incidents and nonconformances and how to prevent future recurrence
4. Identify and manage risks to the company
5. Customers can choose to work with a certified supplier.

If you want to implement a practical (integrated) management system which fits with your business but doesn’t hinder the daily activities of the company, then in Quadra Consulting you’ve found the right partner. We have a flexible approach which is designed to support your company’s goals and objectives. Each step of the process is prepared and developed jointly.

High Level Structure (HLS)
Since 2015 the HLS structure has been officially applicable to ISO 9001 and 14001. The application of a similar structure to a variety of standards facilitates the integration of various systems (something which Quadra has been doing for years).

What does this mean for you and for how long will your current certification be valid? Certificates issued against ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 are valid for three years after the official date of publication of the new ISO standards (15 September 2015). This means that you need to be compliant with the new standards well in advance of the expiration date.

ISO 13485
In March 2016, a new version of ISO 13485 published. Existing certificates for the previous version will be valid until March 2019.

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T-Mobile Netherlands has recently been successfully certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013. In a tremendous effort, the T-Mobile ISMS Team succeeded in a short time, to fulfil all requirements of the standard and this was only possible with the pragmatic and down to earth approach from our ISO advisors, Quadra Consulting, who enabled this success.