ISO 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System

Private and public sector both have a vested interest in preventing, detecting and responding to bribery, complying with anti-bribery laws and anti-bribery compliance within organisations. With the ever-reducing global village in which we operate, many companies are faced with this issue in a lesser or greater scale.

The World Bank estimates that over US$1.5 trillion is paid in bribes each year resulting in:

  • Erosion of political stability
  • Increase in the cost of business
  • Increase in poverty
  • Barriers to international trade
  • Negative impact on employee morale

Having been introduced in 2016, ISO 37001 is frequently implemented together with ISO 9001 but can be a stand-alone system if desired. The high-level structure has also been applied to this management system which makes it easier to integrate into your business with other existing systems. Companies have a responsibility to proactively combat bribery and through leadership commitment to operating in an environment with a culture of integrity, transparency, openness and compliance.

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