ISO 45001

Have you seen the new standard and you’re wondering how it impacts your business? ISO 45001 will help you improve health and safety performance within your operational activities.

We can help you to integrate this new health and safety standard into your existing management system(s).

There is a lot said about the importance of personnel in an organisation. What does your company do about health and safety?

ISO 45001 ensures that you are both aware of and identify risks within the organisation. This standard takes into consideration the risks concerning health and safety; not only of employees but also of other interested parties, such as visitors and sub-contractors. It is up to you to ensure that all parties concerned are aware of these risks.

By implementing control measures, these risks can be either mitigated or eliminated. The standard ensures that legal and regulatory requirements are met whilst managing and reducing incidents and accidents to ultimately ensure the safety of all parties concerned.

Advantages of implementing ISO 45001:

– Systematic approach for improvement
– Integral element of a sustainability policy
– Creating adequate labour conditions to improve the motivation of employees
– Reduce absenteeism which also has a positive financial impact
– Companies certificated to ISO 45001 tend to be less frequently monitored by authorities
– Improves company image through clearly demonstrating how health and safety requirements are met