ISO 50001 – Energy management

Energy management is increasingly important and, in many cases, critical to business success, particularly as a consequence of the European Energy Directive (EED) of 2018. Does your organization need support with this critical business issue? Are you presently measuring your energy efficiency and consumption?

ISO 50001 is the perfect platform to assist your company by designing and implementing this management system and relevant processes to improve energy performance in terms of :

  • Energy efficiency which reduces costs;
  • Use and consumption of energy; and
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

PDCA approach is used in the implementation of a system meeting the requirements of 50001.

A management system meeting the requirements of ISO 50001 will play a significant role in monitoring and measuring energy consumption and legislative compliance. EU countries are obliged to have measures in place to save on average 4.4% of their annual energy consumption between now and 2030; in line with meeting the Paris Agreement climate goals. Additional benefits can be gained by combining this tool with ISO 14001.

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