ISO 22000 – HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System)

We have all seen and heard disastrous stories about poor HACCP control and the resulting incidents. How confident are you that your company meets all legal and regulatory requirements concerning food safety?

HACCP remains an integral part of the food safety management system.

Biological, chemical or physical characteristics which can have a negative impact on food safety are identified when applying a HACCP system. HACCP is not a guarantee for 100% eradication of food safety hazards; it has been developed to reduce risks and as such is a risk management tool.

ISO 22000 focuses both on processes of quality, customer satisfaction and food safety within the organisation, such as cross-contamination, poisoning and poor quality. It is a tool which assists you to maintain your reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality food products which meet all legal and regulatory requirements. The new version of this standard was published in 2018.

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