ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security

Do you handle confidential information such as company data, client data or personal data and are you obliged to meet specific legislative and regulatory requirements? Do you wish to avoid receiving claims as a result of a breach of the Data Protection Act? How do you deal with data leaks or loss of data? Do you consider the awareness concerning these issues sufficiently prevalent amongst your employees?

Implementing an Information Security Management System will put you on a rapid path to GDPR compliance as a considerable number of personal data protection issues are covered by ISO/IEC 27001.

Clients and other interested parties attach great importance to the careful and confidential processing of their data.

Would you like to be able to demonstrate that the main aspects of information security are well embedded in your company:
Confidentiality: information must only be accessible to authorised personnel
Integrity: to ensure that information is kept complete and accurate
Availability: to make accurate information available at all times and to authorised personnel only.

Through being ISO/IEC certified, your clients will have confidence that you are implementing relevant processes and systems to ensure adequate protection against most threats.

Have you answered one or more of the above questions with “YES”? If so, then it is high time to introduce and implement an Information Security Management System in your company. We are the right partner for this as we have supported many companies to successful certification.

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