What can we do to help you?

We welcome the opportunity to visit you and discuss together what would be the most appropriate solution for your company.

Awareness training – bringing all team members up to speed on a system and what they can expect from it.

Initial discussions – to gain a good understanding of the company’s processes and ways of working, a series of interviews will be held with all departments.

Writing Policy Manual – this manual forms the basis of the system, taking into account current good business practice, and outlining how your company meets the requirements of the standard(s) as well as of interested parties.

Risk Analysis – all departments assess possible risks to the company, both internal and external. Control measures must be taken to mitigate potential risks.

Writing Procedures Manual – all operational and management system processes need to be formalised and laid down in the form of procedures.

Internal Auditors Training Course (IATC) – maintaining the system will be easier once your staff are able to carry out internal audits themselves which will be possible after completing our training. In other words: carrying out regular reviews of the system ensures your company is still doing what it says it does.

Internal Audit – Quadra will carry out a full internal audit after completion of the above steps. This audit includes a full documentation review; interviews with staff and the generation of a report which includes corrective actions or suggestions for improvement. An executive summary and recommendation regarding certification is included.

Corrective actions – these will be discussed after completion of the internal audit.
Presence during certification audit – during the first certification audit, we can support you by being onsite and also provide assistance in closing out any of the auditor’s finding

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