Internal & Supplier Audits

Internal Audits
Internal audits are a great tool to assess if your company is working both in line with your stated policies and also meeting the requirements of the relevant standard(s). This is a periodically recurring review of the management system (are we doing what we say we’re doing?). Do you have a management system and would you like to have us execute an Internal Audit? Contact us!

Supplier Audits
Practically every company has suppliers. The relationship with your supplier is very important. Some suppliers are even essential for the outcome of your product. By carrying out a supplier audit, you’re able to get a better understanding of how your supplier fits with your requirements and expectations, through seeing their strengths and weaknesses. We can carry out supplier audits on your behalf, which lead to improvements in the relationship between you and your supplier(s). In other words: additional monitoring of the quality control for your end product!

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ISAE 3402
When using ISAE 3402 an independent auditor evaluates the quality of the outsourced activities of a service organization and in doing so establishes whether the company is in control of the outcome of these activities. The ISAE 3402 declaration can be issued as a type I or type II report. Companies can determine if they want a momentary snapshot report (type 1) or if they want a longer assessment (type 2).  The ISAE 3402 declaration is frequently used independently or in conjunction with ISO 27001 but is not a replacement for an information security management system.

Quadra Consulting Netherlands has entered into a cooperation with a third party which will carry out the practical audit in compliance with ISAE 3402. If you want to know more, contact us.